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The Potato Chip Champ


Champ and Walter Norbert Whipplemoore are about as different as two kids can be…well, except for their love of baseball and potato chips. Champ had everything, but always wanted more. Walter had very little, but was never seen without a smile on his face. In the end, it is Walter and some crunchy potato chips that teach Champ a lesson about character that can't be taught in school.

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Category: Tolerance


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Storytime reading of The Potato Chip Champ by Maria Dismondy

What People Are Saying About "The Potato Chip Champ"

I love this book! I have been a school social worker for 10 years and I use books all the time to help children learn to show empathy and respect.

The Potato Chip Champ is a book I know I will use over and over again because of the message it sends. Maria takes you through a story of kindness and compassion while showing that even kids who struggle with this can make a positive change.

N. Closser


The Potato Chip Champ is a home run! Maria Dismondy does not disappoint with her latest book. This is a story of a friendship that engages every age with its storyline, characters and pictures.

My 4-year-old loves to look at this book over and over, and tell it back to me in her own words. I love the message that she is learning about kindness and acceptance. We are happy that this book has joined our Maria Dismondy collection!

E. Petrous


There's more to life than potato chips!

That is the lesson Champ must learn and a great message for all kids, it's not what you have but who you are that is most important. The author Maria Dismondy is able to capture the attention of my 3 year old with her unique characters in every book she has written, while teaching valuable lessons about growing up as a child today. Looking forward to The Potato Chip Champ becoming our new favorite book and will anxiously await to see what the author comes up with next!

S. Wark